Club Trip to Mt York

Mt York Classics Day: Trad climbing in Mount Victoria on Saturday the 24th of September.

Come along and climb some cracks and faces, place some gear and one of the old bastions of climbing in the blue mountains.

Roger Austin and Hamish will be co leading the trip. Mt York is a beginner and family friendly crag. All grades from easy to not so easy. Contact Hamish for trip information, see email list.

SRC Sheep Roast 2016

The annual (mostly) Rockies sheep roast is on the weekend of the 15th and 16th October in the Wolgan Valley

The sheep roast will be the Saturday night. As there is so much to do out in the Wolgan beginners / non-climbers and non-members are most welcome - there's walking, canyoning, sitting around and enjoying the view, looking at the cool history etc

The climbing itself however is not really beginner friendly - It is mostly trad and the sport climbing there ... isn't particulary sporting... tall climbs, messy half way ledge, spaced bolts where they do exist and lots of fun

For more information see you rockies emails.

Club Trip to Mt Keira

Baz is leading a club trip to Mt Keira this Saturday 17th September.

The weather forecast is spot on: Partly cloudy. Light winds. 19 degrees.
Mt Keira is on the escarpment above Wollongong, 1.5 hours south of Central Sydney.  We are meeting at 10am in the lookout car park.
We are going to the West Face of Mt Keira which has some 89 climbs, both sport and trad, mostly in the range 15-20 with a sprinkling of harder and easier grades.  Bring bolt plates. Route descriptions at:
The quickest way of getting to Mt Keira from Central Sydney is down the Pacific Highway into Wollongong and at the bottom of the hill take the first exit after the major road from North Wollongong enters.  Turn left and left again into Mt Keira Rd.  The lookout is at the top of the hill, accessed via Queen Elizabeth Drive on the right.  Access to Mt Keira from western Sydney would be easier via Picton Rd.  Coming home there is easy access to the Pacific Highway at the top of Mt Ousley via Clive Bissell Drive, but this road can not be used when heading south.

What's New!

Hello Rockies! We have some brand new books in our library. Come to the next meeting, 3 Feb, to have a browse and check out. You may also email me to reserve if you can't make the meeting ( and we can arrange a meet separately.

Cragcare dates 2016

The next Cragcare event will be Saturday, 20 February at Diamond Bay. We will be meeting at 9am at the end of
Diamond Bay Rd, Vaucluse.

Stay on after lunch and come for a climb in the afternoon.
Please RSVP to or call 0468 380 404.
For more details, please go to:


Clean Up Australia Day

Last year the Rockies ran a clean up of The Wastelands  in Sutherland Shire for Clean Up Australia Day. It was a great success, as we pulled out a very full trailer load of garbage from around the place, mainly from local residents illegally dumping rubbish.
We will be organising another one again this year on Sunday March 6th however we are hoping to get some suggestions on a good crag to target. If you'd like to enter your favourite (or just a messy) crag in the draw to win a clean up, this is your chance!
If you have a crag in mind, could you email Alwyn ( with:
- the name & suburb/area of the crag.
- some brief details of how messy it is (eg. a few shopping trolleys and loads of cliff bar wrappers) so we can make sure that the winning crag is one that's truly worthy of a clean up.
- anything unusual about the rubbish (eg. manky mattresses, burnt out cars etc) so we can make sure we're well prepared with the right gear.
The only constraint we have is that we can't make it up to the Blue Mountains that day, so Sydney crags only please.
Entries close Jan 31st so don't, and I'll announce the winner the following week

Flying Trapeze Social

In September, a few intrepid Rockies members went along to St Peters. Instead of the usual trip to the climbing gym, they went on an adventurous social to Sydney Trapeze School for a 2 hour flying trapeze lesson.

The session started with a quick warm up, and learning how to do a ‘knee hang’ on a static trapeze.  This basically involved hanging upside down from the trapeze bar by your knees, and letting go with your arms. After mastering the right technique on the ground, it was time to climb the giant wobbly ladder and have a go whilst flying through the air. It was a lot of fun, and luckily the Rockies avoided embarrassment by being better at it than the 12 year old girls who were also at the session!

After nailing the swinging knee hang, and dropping onto the giant net, the next ‘trick’ was to turn the knee hang into a back flip! Each person got a few goes at this, with varying levels of success. Then it was time for the grand finale. The final trick was to do a swinging knee hang, and then get caught in the air by one of the trapeze instructors, who was swinging from another trapeze.  Everyone managed the grab successfully, which was a great way to finish off the session.  The lesson was excellent fun, and nobody had to use the stretcher board and neck brace we spotted in the corner of the room!

For more news about upcoming Rockies social events please keep an eye out for details on our mailing list, Facebook page and the website.

SRC Committee Positions

This year we will be holding the AGM at the November Meeting (04/11/15). At the AGM we will be voting in a new SRC Committee. Current members can support the club by becoming a committee member.
All positions below are available to be contested. Positions marked as "Open" have someone in the current committee who is willing to take on that role. Positions marked as "Vacant" currently do not have anyone identified to take the role.
Role Description Status
President The President provides the overall co-ordination of the SRC by interpreting the sentiments of general membership. The President is the official representative of the Club. Vacant
Vice President The Vice President represents the President in his/her absence. The Vice President carries out other general organisational roles. Vacant
Treasurer The Treasurer is the Club’s financial officer and needs an understanding of basic bookkeeping and banking. Open
Club Secretary The Club Secretary records the minutes of all SRC meetings. Vacant
Membership Secretary The Membership Secretary is responsible for handling applications for membership of the SRC. Open
Access Officer The Access Officer represents the Club at external access issue meetings. The Access Officer will work towards maintaining access to climbing areas for Club members in accordance with the relevant SRC policies. Vacant
Business Manager The Business Manager is responsible for distribution of the SRC’s merchandise and maintaining merchandise stock. Vacant
Social Secretary The Social Secretary organises the more formal aspects of the Club’s non-climbing activities. The Social Secretary aims to get members more socially interactive in order to encourage membership renewal and to integrate new members into the Club. Vacant
Thrutch Editor The Thrutch Editor will prepare the monthly newsletter for distribution to Club members. Open
IT Officer The IT Officer will be responsible for updating and maintaining the SRC website and mailing lists. The IT Officer will aim to attract new members to the Club via the website. Open
Librarian The Librarian is responsible for storing the Club’s library of climbing-related literature. The Librarian will loan to, and collect from members books and magazines etc. held in the Club’s library. Open
If you have any questions or would like to stand for one of the positions please email the current committee using the contact us page or come and speak to the current committee at the next meeting (07/09/15).

Wolgan Sheep Roast 2015

As listed in the latest Thrutch the annual (mostly) Rockies sheep roast is on the weekend of the 10th and 11th October. The sheep roast will be the Saturday night. Cost is usually about $20-30 each (less the cost of anything you bring to share). There is plenty of camping space and pit toilets available. For how to get there see

As there is so much to do out in the Wolgan beginners/ non-climbers are most welcome - there's walking, canyoning, sitting around and enjoying the view, looking at the cool history etc. The climbing itself however is not really beginner friendly - It is mostly trad and the sport climbing there ... isn't particulary sporting... tall climbs, messy half way ledge, spaced bolts where they do exist and lots of fun. But - if there are a few beginners they can probably get at least some of the 'safer' classics done...

Non members are welcome.

New SRC Website

Welcome to the new SRC website. The website has been updated to have a more modern feel and the ability to add new features in the future.

All the information from the previous website has been transferred across and the online guidebook has remained untouched.

Currently the site is a bit bare but it will grow.

Feel free to explore the new site and provide any feedback using the contact us page.