Wolgan Sheep Roast

Event Details

It is on again! The sheep roast weekend will be the best weekend of the year as always.

Photo by Elly Short


The annual Rockies sheep roast is on the weekend of 23rd/  24th September – The sheep roast will be the Saturday night
Most things are the usual deal – let me know:
a) if you are coming and if you are sheep eater/ other meat eater/ vego / vegan  (i need numbers to work how how much of a sheep(s) etc we need )
b) whether you can help with the myriad of tasks required ie
**by bringing stuff:
  • fire wood -we need at least some of this by 7am Saturday morning – cooking takes ALL day (and lots of beer)
  • Tongs, knives etc for carving and serving
  • big platters to serve the meat on
  • flat bread, tabouli, hummous, tzatziki, and other random kebab type ingredients
  • salads, desserts, other courses
  • chips, dips, and other pre dinner nibblies
  • esky space for all this food…
  • old tarps and rope in case it rains
  • Anything else anyone wants to throw in the ring?? slack line?? unicycle???
**by baggsy-ing camping space on/ near the hill so we can use previous years pits and don’t have to dig ..
**by helping cook! (I have had a number of responses/ seen comments about this which is awesome so let me know if you volunteered and are still keen)
What you need to bring:

BYO beer plus food for other meals plus BYO water – the creek is NOT safe to drink

Gear for camping, climbing, canyoning, walking, swimming , chairs or mats to sit around the fire etc

Cost is usually about $20 each (less the cost of anything you bring to share) – please bring change

There is plenty of camping space and pit toilets available. For how to get there see http://www.thecrag.com/climbing/australia/wolgan-valley

The weather is probably closest to Lithgow so check that for the forecast – its generally drier and hotter than the blue mountains

As there is so much to do out in the Wolgan beginners/ non-climbers are most welcome – there’s walking, canyoning, sitting around and enjoying the view, looking at the cool history etc

The climbing itself however is not really beginner friendly – It is mostly trad and the sport climbing there … isn’t particulary sporting… tall climbs, messy half way ledge, spaced bolts where they do exist and lots of fun

But – if there are a few beginners they can probably get at least some of the ‘safer’ classics done…

Remember – this is helmet territory! especially if there are people on the half way ledge above… or prone to dropping gear or rocks 🙂

This is not a club trip however please feel free to organise club trips around it 

Non members are welcome

I know that people have responded via facebook but if you can confirm via email (social@sydneyrockies.org.au) how many you are responding for and other information that would be awesome