The SRC has an access fund, which is used to finance a number of access initiatives, including replacement of old bolts on existing climbs (rebolting). Over the last few years the SRC has funded the rebolting and replacement of anchors on some 80 routes at Barrenjoey, Berowra, Bangor, Earlwood, Mt York, Mt Boyce, Dam Cliffs, Mt Buffalo and the Warrumbungles.

Rebolting is usually to replace mild steel bash-in “carrot” bolts, which have been in place for as long as 30 years. They are often rusting, protruding and of uncertain strength.

SRC updated its Bolting Policy in 2016 to reflect current thinking around rebolting, before applying for funds please have a read here: SRC Bolt Policy 2016

Funds are available to those with the appropriate skills and equipment to support the rebolting of old routes. If you would like to rebolt a route please email the Access Officer via the Contact Us page.


  • In early 2007 Australian Climbing Consultants kindly donated $500 to the SRC for rebolting purposes.
  • In 2010 Mountain Equipment donated just over $1,300 raised through their Reel Rock Film Tour to the Access Fund. They also supplied a number of Fixe Anchor Chains which we now have for use on approved projects.
  • Climbing Anchors Australia also support rebolting and will donate money and equipment for appropriate projects.